The SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic - A Utah Perspective
February 21, 2021
For three weeks now the new case count 7-day average has monotonically decreased. Wonderful progression lower.
Where we go from here largely depends on (1) continued good behavior, (2) increased vaccinations, and (3) little influence from the SARS-CoV-2 mutations
Deaths remain elevated. Some deaths are weeks old. Some people may be cooking the books to get more federal dollars.
So sad if it is true.
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February 21, 2021
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Highlights of the Pandemic
  • Most outrageous statement by any U.S. Politician: Governor Newsom of California said 56% of his state would be infected. That would be about 22 million people. Three weeks after his statement, the state has 0.01% of its citizens infected I can promise you that will not happen. So far California is a shining example to the nation with a 0.04% infection rate (April 7).
  • On April 7 Dr. anthony Fauci, the leading epidimeologist for the U.S. government has complemented Utah effort at social distancing,even though our infection rate is at 0.06%, somewhat above California's rate.
  • I was wrong that the virus does not like hot weater based on many tropical counties having small case counts. As it turns out they were just doing a great job limiting infections
  • Much of the U.S. opened too early at the end of May, thinking the worst was over, at that point too many people assumed it was all over and everything could return to normal. They turned out to be "dead" wrong.
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