Family Year Book Index
Year Key Events
2000 First Family Golf Outing, Rob graduates High School, leaves for mission to Japan
2001 Reed organized the Berg Family Reunion - held just days after 9-11
2002 The Winter Olympics come to Utah
2003 Jared graduates High School
2004 Jared leaves for mission to New Mexico, Reed & Sherry celebrate 25th Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Michael and Angela both make the Hillcrest High School basketball teams. Angela called to the Seminary Council for 2004-2005, Rob returns to Japan for 1 month study abroad.
2005 Michael named school sterling scholar in Mathematics, Angela makes academic all-state team for Volleyball and Basketball, Twins graduate High School, Reed laid off at Novell Inc., after 14+ years.
2006 Reed starts work for Northrop Grumman Corporation, HTown publishes "Translating Scripture - The Thai Book of Mormon", Michael departs for a mission in Santa Rosa, California
2007 Reed Runs for Sandy City Council
2008 Michael returns from his Santa Rosa California Mission, Jared marries Melissa Sharp
2009 Angela marries Kevin D. Hanks
2010 Rob marries Desiree Neilson, Angela receives Master of Education from Utah State, HTown Publishes "Monk to Missionary", Reed and Sherry visit Bangkok and Phuket Thailand.
2011 First Grandchildren are born, Kevin Hanks receives M.S. in Sociology at Utah State University
2012 Michael receives M.S. in mechanical engineering, marries Stephanie Braithwaite, and get's his first real job. Reed starts work for Harris Corporation, Third grandchild arrives before Christmas, HTown Publishes "The Light Breaks on Southeast Asia",
2013 Grabdchildren four and five are born. Rob competes MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, Reed & Sherry visit John Haslam in Kansas, visit Kansas City (Liberty) Temple, and other LDS historic sites in Missouri
2014 Grandchild six arrives born.
2015 Nant Health acquires the commercial Healthcare group from Harris Corporation. Grandson number three is born.
2016 Three grandchildren are born within 9 weeks of each other
2017 A remarkable total solar eclipse. A visit to Anaheim with the Hanks family. My last Pioneer Day parade perhaps for ever.
2018 TBD
2019 TBD
2020 Reed retires??