Reed B. Haslam

Church Service
Reed's Church Service Assignments
Dates Length Calling Leaders
June 9, 1973 2 years Full time missionary - Thailand Bangkok Mission President Paul D. Morris - Mission President
July 1975 3 months Sunday School Instructor - Course 17 Bishop Bruce L. Moesser - Winder 1st Ward
October 1975 9 months Executive Secretary Bishop Bruce L. Moesser - Winder 1st Ward
July 1976 2 years Stake Chairman - Young Single Adults President J. Everett West - Salt Lake Winder Stake
May 1981 2 years Gospel Doctrine Teacher Bishop Glen L. Flitton - Union 22nd Ward
October 1985 2 yr - 6 mo Executive Secretary Bishop Richard P. Jackson - Union 22 ward (name change Midvalley 2nd Ward)
May 1988 1 year Counselor Elder's Quorum Presidency President Richard D. Grey
April 1989 2 years Elder's Quorum President President Kenneth Kraudy and President George Wallace Neilson - Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake
May 1991 7 years High Councilor - Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake President George Wallace Neilson and President George Rink Devenberg - Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake
January 1998 1 year 1st Counselor - Stake Mission Presidency President Wayne Ware
February 1999 4 yr 3 mo Gospel Doctrine Teacher Midvalley 5th Ward, Bishops Terry Stroud and Larry Reasch
April 2000 1 yr. 5 mo. Ward Family History Consultant Bishop Terry Stroud
April 2000 2 yr, 5 mo. High Priest Group Family History Specialist  
September 2001 4 yr, 8 mo. Stake Family History Consultant President Stephen A. Hastings, Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake
May 2003 1 yr. 6 mo. Duty to God Specialist Bishop Larry R. Reasch, Midvalley 5th Ward
November 2004 1 yr. 1 mo. Ward Sunday School President Bishop Larry R. Reasch, Midvalley 5th Ward
October 2005 3 yr 11 mo High Priest Group Leader Presidents Stephen A. Hastings and Kenneth B. Moss, Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake
October 2009 2 years Inner City Mission - Salt Lake Inner City Project - Service to those with welfare needs in the "Inner City" Bishop Richard Beeler, West Valley 1st Ward
November 2011 6 mo. Executive Secretary - High Priest Group Craig Moore Group Leader - Midvalley 5th Ward
January 2012 6 years 3 months High Priest Group Instructor Craig Moore, Al Sauric - Group Leaders - Midvalley 5th Ward
May 2012 4yr 3mo Assistant Stake Clerk - Membership and History President Kenneth B. Moss - Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake
August 2016 Assistant Stake Clerk - History President Kenneth B. Moss and President David R. McDonough - Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake
September 2016 5yr 6 months Ward Sunday School President - Started and carrried on the Teacher Council Program Bishop Heiko J. Jongejan and Bishop Thomas Monsen - Midvalley 5th Ward
April 2018 Elders Quorum Instructor (Continuing from HP Group Instructor as HP Quorums are discontinued) President Chris Hart.  President  Heiko Jongejan and President Mark Judd -  Midvalley 5th Ward;
May 2022 Temple Ordinance Worker - Draper Utah Temple President Stephen N. Peterson; Shift Coordinator: Richard Holley.