Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - 2023

From Reed & Sherry Haslam

The year 2022 sadly brought many deaths to our family. In January, our brother-in-law Gary Morgan passed at age 88. Reed's Brother John was hospitalized early in the year and had quadruple bypass surgery. In mid-May, Sherry's mother entered the hospital. She was diagnosed with a digestive tract infection, and she said no thanks when she learned how they wanted to treat it. We then discovered that she had been preparing for her passing as she had purchased a new white gown and tailored it to herself. After five days in the hospital, she passed away at her granddaughter's home (her granddaughter being an M.D.) five days later. She was 88.

A few weeks later, Sherry's older sister Patti died during surgery in Provo. Her funeral was on July 7, and she was 68. Sherry was then thrust into the position of the mother hen for the family.

Not having recovered from surgery months earlier, my Brother John was allowed to pass away on July 8. Reed and Sherry traveled to Lawrence, Kansas, for his funeral. John's first great-grandchild was born the next day. The old-fashioned funeral procession to the cemetery brought back memories from long ago. John was 83.

Reed organized a summertime missionary reunion for all those who served in Thailand from the earliest days in 1968 through 1979. There were about fifty missionaries, most with their spouses in attendance. It is fair to say that most missionaries don't have reunions after perhaps ten years, but the "Old Heads" of the Thailand Bangkok mission have been meeting biennially since 2000 (except for 2020, the pandemic year). We celebrate our extraordinary experiences.

Reed attended his Olympus High School 50th reunion in August. He was able to catch up with Bill Jack, Chris Cummings, and Jay Arthur Jensen (the Hollywood Plastic Surgeon). He also met Ken Hansen, who was a boyhood friend. The current principal of Olympus High School gave us a tour of the new building, and we marveled at how much grander and nicer it was than the original. Around 126 classmates attended.

Our pool served us well as the season ran from June 1 - October 15. Most of the grandchildren visited us frequently to play in the pool. The youngest of two grandkids, age 4, learned how to swim around the pool independently. We are happy we built it.

Our children and their spouses' church callings include Rob-Stake Clerk, Jared- Elders Quorum Presidency, Mike - Stake High Council, and Kevin (Angela) - Ward Executive Secretary. Two of our daughters-in-law (Melissa (Jared) and Steph (Michael)) serve as Primary Presidents, and their Primary sacrament presentations were excellent. Angela was released as Young Women's President and now leads achievement days. Des (Rob) is a gospel doctrine teacher in her ward.

Reed is in his tenth consecutive year teaching Melchizedek Priesthood and his ninth year as Stake Historian. He completed his call in May as Sunday School President introducing the Teacher Council Program after five and a half years.

Reed’s book on early Church History in Indochina, “The Light Breaks on Southeast Asia, was published ten years ago. Four hundred-sixty copies have been delivered, with several dozen left to go. See

The boys at the annual shootout Reed speaking at the 2022 Old Heads Reunion
The Olumpus High School Class of 72 50th Reunion The swiming pool train
Sherry with Makenna and Courtney At the &Days of 47 Parade& in Salt Lake City