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July 24,2020 - Angela H. Hanks produced and directed this year's Grandest Days of '47 Parade
June 5, 2020 Papa Polar Bear takes the plunge into the still cold water of our new swimming pool
While the pool house and pavilion are not yet complete, the swimming pool has been completed with the installation of pool equipment and plaster this past week. While I'm behind in postining photos of the construction, I hope to finish those in the next week or two
March 18, 2020 - Largest earthquake in the Salt Lake Valley in recorded history

At 7:09 AM a magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit the Salt Lake City area with an epicenter near Magna Utah. This is the largest earthquake ever recorded in the Salt Lake Valley. The prior significant earthquake in the valley was in 1962 also centered near Magna.

During that earthquake I was in second grade and I remember our desks were bouncing on the lineoleum floor for many seconds. This one hit with a strong jolt that sent my stomach to the floor. Rather than drop, cover and hold on I ran to the window to see what was happening.

Here is the richter scale, It is logarithmic.

Richter Scale - Measures the Intensity of Earthquakes. The quake that triggered the giant tsunami in the Indian ocean on December was measured at 9.7 on this scale.

Richter Scale  
Level Relative Strength
1 1.00
2 32.00
3 1,024.00
4 32,768.00
5 1,048,576.00
6 33,554,432.00
7 1,073,741,824.00
8 34,359,738,368.00
9 1,099,511,627,776.00

The strongest Utah Earthquakes recorded by seismographs at the University of Utah.