Reed B. Haslam

Scientist, Engineer,
Author and Family Man
Reed holds the following degrees from the University of Utah (Salt Lake City)
  • Master of Science - Computer Science - 1981
  • Master of Science - Atmospheric Science -1980
  • Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics - 1976
  • Bachelor of Science - Atmospheric Science - 1976
As a professional software engineer, Reed has worked at the following companies
  • Optum is the technology and services division of UnitedHealth Group. UnitedHealth Group is one of the largest companies in the world. S&P ranks the company at #5. The West Valley Utah software group produces healtcare coding and health care claims processing software. Most of the health claims in the United States are processed with Optum's Integrated Claims Processor (ICP), which is responsible for many of the claims processed in the United States. Reed has been working with healthcare software since 2006 when he joined Northrop Grumman's healtcare team.
  • NantHealth Inc. - NantHealth purchased the assets of Harris Healthcare Solutions on July 1, 2015. NantHealth is focused on using genomics for determining the best cancer treatment for a specific patient. Began to port the patient portal and provider portal applications to a cloud environment.
  • Harris Corporation - Healthcare Services  - Continued work on the Nationwide Health Information Network, affiliated with the Care Connectivity Consortium (CCC). This was followed by the porting of Aurion (Health Information Exchange) to the Servicemix platform.
  • Northrop Grumman - Health Information Exchange (HIE) with emphasis on the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN). Also worked with HITECH attestation for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Novell Inc. - NetWare for Unix, Novell Administrator for Windows, Novell Certificate Server, Novell Products on Linux
  • Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation - VLSI Design Systems, Modeling Systems for Visual Image Generators
  • Cirrus Logic Inc. - Simplified VLSI Circuit Design
College Professor
  • Reed taught "Weather" and "Climate Change" classes at Salt Lake Community College
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